Imex IPL3T Pipe Laser

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The new Imex IPL3T pipe/drainage lasers have a wireless remote setting, auto-tracking and will fit into a 100mm PVC pipe. With interchangeable feet for a variety of pipe sizes, a huge -20% to +30% grade and fully submersible IP68 rating the new Imex pipe lasers are set up for the most demanding tasks.

The IPL3T comes in Two Models

  • IPL3TG – Green Beam
  • IPL3TR – Red Beam



IPL3T Pipe Laser
Radio Remote Control
Mains Charger Pack
Micro USB Charger Adapter
Auto-Track Radio Receiver
3x Target Plates
Screw in legs- 150mm – 300mm

Laser class: 3
Auto Track-On Grade
Radio Remote Controlled
Laser diode: red / green
Removable Battery
Beam diameter: 10 mm
(can be charged outside of tool)
Working range: 200 – 300 m (light dependant)
Interchangeable feet – 150mm – 300mm
Grade range: -20% – +30%
100mm profile
Self-levelling range: ± 5°
5 Year Warranty
Minimum display reading: 0,000 %
Horizontal accuracy: ± 5 mm / 100 m
Left / right tracking: ± 10°
Operating time: 24 h
Power supply: 8000 mAh Li-Ion
RF-Remote control range: front / back: 100 m / 50 m
Temperature range: -20°C – +50°C
Dust / water protection: IP 68
Dimensions: Ø 96 mm, L = 332 mm
Weight (laser only): 2,8 kg

Accuracy: ± 2 mm / 100 m
Working range: 50 m
Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries
Temperature range: -10°C – +45°C
Dust / water protection: IP 67

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Imex IPL3 Green Beam, Imex IPL3 Red Beam


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