Imex 3D Multi Line Laser 3 x 360°

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The Imex 3-Dimensional, self levelling line lasers are the most popular and most versatile lasers in the range.

The laser lines give a full 360° horizontal line and two 360° vertical lines 90° to each other offering ultimate levelling capability combined with powerful hyper-bright laser line technology.

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

The LX3D laser has been designed to run on Li-Ion battery power, giving the users the flexibility to charge the laser on site or when not in use.

Also included in the LX3D kit is a second battery pack unit where standard alkaline batteries can be used in the laser when needed.

Outdoor Mode

The outdoor mode gives a greater laser working range and application flexibility.

When used with the Imex LD1/G1 laser detector, users can extend their working range up to 80m outdoors where the line is no longer visible. Press and hold the power button to switch the laser to outdoor mode enabling the use of the detector.

Ceiling Bracket

Included as standard in the LX3D kit is the ceiling bracket.

When used with the standard magnetic base bracket, users can mount their line laser in elevated positions, the perfect solution to suspending ceiling installs. The ceiling bracket is fully adjustable increasing accuracy and flexibility.

Kit Includes: 

  • LX3 D line laser
  • Universal magnetic bracket
  • Ceiling bracket
  • Instruction manual
  • Li-ion battery pack
  • Alkaline battery pack
  • Magneti c target plate
  • Wall charger + lead


Technical Specs: 

  • Light source – Red or Green
  • Accuracy – ± 2mm @ 10m
  • Damping type – Magnetic – self Levelling
  • Working distance – 30m (Light dependent) 80m with detector
  • Power source – Lithium-ion or 4 x AA
  • Water/dust proof – IP54
  • Working temperature – -10°C to +50°C
  • Warranty – 3 years










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Imex LX3DG, Imex LX3DR


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