VM-550FF 1 Watt Transmitter

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The VM-550FF Transmitter has one induction frequency; three direct connect and a fault-find frequency. The LED indicators on the transmitter show the frequency selected, output level, and battery status. An audio indicator beeps to advise the quality of the connection.

This one-watt transmitter can transmit the locate signal onto the target line three ways. By direct connection, if direct access to the line is available, by induction by simply putting the transmitter in induction mode and placing it over the target line with the induction arrow in line with it or by clamp mode and using the induction clamp to clamp around the target line.
The wide frequency range from the VM-550FF Transmitter makes this a very versatile transmitter. The 83kHz induction frequency makes it ideal for inducing the signal onto large diameter, direct buried iron pipes with bell and gasket connections, and for using the induction clamp around smaller pipes. The lower 512Hz and 8.192kHz are good for direct connection to trace cables, and the 83kHz direct connection is good for high resistance pipes or for use with pushrod camera systems to trace the deployed pushrod. The Fault-find frequency can be used with the VM-510FFL+ to locate cables and find ground to earth faults on them.

Packaged in a lightweight, rugged, ergonomic IP54 housing, the Transmitter provides consistent current output in direct connect, clamp, and induction modes. The Transmitter has protection against inadvertent connection to incoming voltages up to 240V. The Transmitter comes standard with direct connection leads, ground stake; clip-on carry straps, and D cell batteries.


  • Protection against inadvertent connection to incoming voltages up to 240V
  • Lightweight and ergonomic at 2.47 lbs./1.2kg
  • Optional Li-ion battery pack
  • High impact ABS construction
  • Small, lightweight profile


VM-550FFVM-560FF Transmitters Technical Specifications


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