Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital Receiver

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The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital professional receiver with digital readout gives solutions for interior applications as well as high accuracy general construction projects. The Rod Eye 160 is accurate to half millimetre accuracy and has strobe rejection and captures digitally for useful readings. It is built to an extremely high standard and is suited to work with all Leica Rugby lasers especially the new Rugby 800 series

Technical details for the Leica Rod Eye 160

Working diameter 1.350m
Extended detection window 120mm
Numeric readout height 90mm
Detectable spectrum 600nm – 800nm

Detection accuracies

Ultra fine ± 0.5mm
Super fine ± 1.0mm
Fine ± 2.0mm
Medium ± 3.0mm
Coarse ± 5.0mm

Leica Rod Eye Data Sheet

Leica Rod Eye 160 User Manual


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