Leica Detect DD120 (60hz) Depth Package

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The Leica DD120 Depth Package includes;

DD120 Utility Locator (50hz)
DA220 1 Watt Signal Transmitter
System Carry Bag
Alkaline Batteries
Leica DD120 Utility Locator Features;

Automatic pinpointing
Power, radio, auto modes
50hz or 60hz models available
Dept detection up to 3 metres (10 feet)
Good-to-Go™ Health Check and Start up test
IP54 rating – protection from dust and water
1-year warranty
Leica DA220 1 Watt Signal Generator Features;

1 Watt
Compatible with; DD120 Locator DD220 SMART Locators.
Trace frequencies
8kHz, 33kHz, 131kHz and combined (33 kHz +131 kHz)
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery as standard
IP67 rating


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