Concrete Anchor – 330mm Beam – 20mm Drilled Hole GG201

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Concrete Anchor – 330mm Beam
(20mm Drilled Hole)
Certified to EN795 CLASS B
Product code: GG201
MBS: 28kN
Required Beam Thickness: 330mm
Size of Drilled Hole: 20mm
Eye Diameter: 32mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 1160g

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Girder & Concrete Anchors are a quick and easy portable anchorage solution and can be used in the vertical and horizontal plane. These anchors are operated by using two fingers to pull back the red collar. This action retracts the retention bar, allowing the device to be inserted into the anchor hole. Once the device is in position, the red collar can be release, causing the retention bar to engage, fixing the device in position.


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