1.5m Fall Arrest Rope Lanyard with KH311 & SSE/SSH ABSRL1.5SH

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Product Code:
BS EN 355
BS EN 358
BS EN 1891
Max Recommended User Weight:
Restraint Length:
Shock Absorbing Length:
1.25m or 1.95m
The maximum lifespan of the product is 10 years from the recorded first use. The type of use and the conditions will affect the lifespan of a product.
ABSRL1.5 – Sinlge Rope Lanyard 1.5m
ABSRL1.5SH – Single Rope Lanyard 1.5m c/w Scaffold Hooks & Karabiner
ABTRL1.5 – Twin Rope Lanyard 1.5m
ABTRL1.5SH – Twin Rope Lanyard 1.5m Lines c/w Scaffold Hooks

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Complete with 1 x KH311 Karabiners & 1 x SSE/SSH Scaffold Hook
Designed for fall protection, complete with an integral shock absorber, which in the event of a fall minimises the force exerted on the user.


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