2.4m Webbing Retractor AB2.4T 3.3m

£147.57 Excluding VAT

2.4m Webbing Retractor AB2.4T 3.3m

£147.57 Excluding VAT

Price excludes VAT


Product Code:
MERLIN33 – 3.3m
BS EN 360
Aluminium Housing
Webbing Line
MERLIN33 – 1.1kg
MERLIN66 – 2.1kg


Merlin Fall Arrest Devices are designed to provide fall protection from falls from height.
Anchored above the user, it gives the user a safe area of work. The retracting line pays in and out of the device as the user moves. In the event of a fall, a brake engages, arresting the fall of the user with a controlled deceleration force.
Anchor eye on top.


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