18m Fall Arrest / Auto Descender HAS18/IKV17

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Descent Rate approx. 0.9m/sec
Length: 18m
Cable Material: Galvanised Steel
Housing: Aluminium
Weight: 11kg
Max Recommended User Weight:
The maximum lifespan of the product is 10 years from the recorded first use. The type of use and the conditions will affect the lifespan of a product.

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The HAS18 is a retractable fall arrest device with auto descent.
In the event of a fall the locking system will activate and the interna brake disk will absorb energy to well below the 6kN limit required by EN360.
After an arrested fall the device will automatically lower the casualty at an approximate speed of 0.9m/sec.
The large carrying handle is also the attachment point. Supplied with the IKV17 Karabiner for hanging the device.


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