vLoc3-5000 Series Receiver

vLoc3-5000 Series Receiver

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The vLoc3-5000 utility locator brings an innovative element of digital signal processing, position capturing and broadband frequency selection to buried utility locating. Data captured by the internal GPS or external GPS via Bluetooth can be downloaded for further analysis, use with GIS systems or google maps. Use the free VM-MAP smartphone application to create real-time maps with GPS data and data from the locator such as time, date, depth of cover, current on the line, and add custom comments to each entry.

With two sets of screened 3D antennas signal distortion is easily detected and displayed on the bright full colour display. Along with classic locate screens the vLoc3-5000 locator offers new locate perspective screens of Vector Locate for fully automatic non-walk over locating, Transverse Graph showing both peak and null simultaneously providing immediate measurement of signal distortion, Plan View showing the relative orientation of the cable at any angle, and a new graphical Sonde screen with guidance arrows leading to the sonde location even when it is vertical.

The highly user configurable vLoc3-5000 contains eight passive locate modes, fault-find mode, SD (showing direction of outgoing current), Signal Select™ real-time measurement of signal bleed-over caused by capacitive or inductive coupling to other utilities, and a range of configurable frequencies from 98Hz to 200 kHz. Audio and mechanical vibration alerts can also be configured by the user providing warnings for shallow depth, overload, overhead cables, and excessive swinging. Plug-in-play options for the receiver include optional Bluetooth module useable with external GPS devices and EMS foot to locate buried markers.


  • Internal Bluetooth and GPS
  • Digital signal processing in receiver and transmitter
  • Sheath to earth fault locating (with A-frame accessory)
  • Distortion Alert assist in recognizing signal bleed-over
  • Offset vector locate mode
  • Optional receiver/transmitter link
  • Cloud-based data warehousing


vLoc3-5000 User Handbook

vLoc3-5000 Technical Specifications

vLoc3-5000 brochure


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