Imex LAR 32 Magnification Auto Level

£128.00£210.00 Excluding VAT

Imex LAR 32 Magnification Auto Level

£128.00£210.00 Excluding VAT



Professional automatic optical levels (also known as dumpy levels) are built for the construction site and general survey tasks.

The magnetic compensator gives greater levelling stability, they are quick to set up and easy to use. Commonly used with a dome top tripod for greater flexibility.


Visual Targeting Arrow

Mounted on the top of the optical level for easy
visual targeting. Often focusing on the desired
target or staff can be a difficult task at a long
distance, the visual targeting arrow makes this
easier to position the level before focusing on the
point of focus.


Mirrored Levelling Bubble

The top mounted levelling bubble is an essential part
of the optical level set up process to ensure the level
is mounted flat on the tripod. The Imex optical level
range features a 90 degree mirrored bubble for
easy levelling, especially on a elevated tripod




Engraved Degree Markings 

Full 360 degree rotation around the optical level
base allows for accurate site set out and survey.
With fully engraved markings, the optical level can
be micro adjusted to the exact degree of angle
required for perfect levelling every time.



Technical Specs:

  • Standard deviation 1km – 1.0mm
  • Magnification – 32 x
  • Horizontal circle – 360° graduations
  • Compensator – Magnetic damping
  • Objective aperture – 34m
  • Weight – 1.8kg
  • Warranty – 3 Years









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Imex LAR 32, Imex LAR 32 with Tripod & Staff


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