Axis 5m Telescopic Yellow/White Universal Staff

£30.00 Excluding VAT

Axis 5m Telescopic Yellow/White Universal Staff

£30.00 Excluding VAT


Built tough for all heavy-duty site levelling and survey tasks.

Levelling staffs are an essential part with any optical level or rotating laser level setup.

Our staffs feature heavy duty aluminium sections, 5M length, strong plastic end caps and collars and a levelling bubble for high accuracy levelling.

A variant to the standard 5m staff, combining the metric cm/mm markings on
the front of the staff and yellow/white sections on the back.

Each yellow/white section is 1m in length and subdivided in cm and 1/2cm markings.
This is specifically designed for long distance optical levelling where staff markings are difficult to see.

*Carry pouch included*


Length                               5m Telescopic
Profile                                      Aluminium
Levelling Bubble                                 Yes
Lock Buttons                                       Yes
Metric Markings                                   Yes
E Markings                                             No
End Caps                                              Yes




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